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Day Eleven

“But Moses protested again, “Look they won’t believe me! They won’t do what I tell them. They’ll just say, ‘The Lord never appeared to you.’ “Then the Lord asked him, ‘what do you have there in your hand?’ ‘A shepherd’s staff,’ Moses replied. ‘Throw it down on the ground‘ the Lord told him. So Moses threw it down and it became a snake! Moses was terrified so he turned and ran away. Then the Lord told him, ‘Take hold of its tail.’ So Moses reached out and grabbed it, and it became a shepherd’s staff again. ‘Perform this sign, and they will believe you, the Lord told him.”  Exodus 4:1-5

Our small town church had annual talent shows. From five year old’s to 85 year old’s there were opportunities to demonstrate an extraordinary talent or ability. Now there were always auditions to make sure everything was appropriate, but I am fairly certain no one was really denied the opportunity to have their moment of glory onstage. Some displays of talent were meant for much bigger stages like the young woman who could tap out a “River dance” perfectly. And some were meant for smaller ones…like when the pastor rode in on a Harley and joined her!

Moses once held a scepter in his hand. He’d been exposed to the greatest minds of the time…. but the last forty years he’d been trained in the university of the desert and in his hand all he holds is a stick. God doesn’t ask Moses to strategize, implement and plan a great program for leading His people to himself. He didn’t ask him to perform any great display of talent or ability. God used what was in his weather-torn, leathered, and sun-scorched hand. Moses’ years of tending sheep were not useless. All his years had put in his hands what God intended for GOD’S glory. God didn’t use the scepter that was in Moses’ royal hand when he lived in Egypt, but he did use a simple shepherd staff. God likes to use what’s in our hands.  In the book of Judges, Shamgar has an ox goad in his hand and God takes out 600 Philistines. In First Samuel, David puts a stone in his hand and demolishes a giant. And in John 6, Jesus feeds 5000 people with one boy’s fist full of fish and bread.

God used the simplest and most humbling possession Moses had. The rod in the hand of Moses would part the Red Sea. It would strike a rock and water would pour out. It would be called the rod of God. Don’t think that same isn’t true today! God uses what’s in our hand and does exceedingly far more abundantly than we could ask or think! Moses met God and willingly let him use what was in his hand!

A miracle is when God does the unlikely through the unlikely! Sometimes our hands are filled with mistakes and heartbreak. God uses what’s in our hands. Sometimes our hand is filled with broken pride. Maybe you feel like your hands are indeed the most unlikely He could or will use. God uses what’s in our hands. What’s in your hands?